Tree Care: Queen Palm Care

The Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana) is a medium sized, faster growing palm that originated from Brazil. Queen Palms can be grown in the U.S. where winter temperatures don't go below 20 degrees very often. In the Western United States, Queen Palms are everyone's favorite lush, feature trees, that are used in many different types of landscapes. Queen Palms are ideally sized (15' to 20' tall), and are great for many landscape uses. They don't grow too tall and overbearing, but they are not short enough to be considered a dwarf palm. Queen Palms are very clean and easy to grow, making them the number one choice around pools, patios and courtyards. In addition to the many perks of Queen Palms, they do not have an invasive root system, so proximity to sidewalks or pool decks is not a problem. Queen Palms are best planted in groups of 2 to 5 trees of varying sizes. This provides a more natural look when planting around water features, gazebos and patios and tremendously adds to the tropical appeal. Since Queen Palms are not native to the Western United States, they, like many other nonnative trees do require a little extra care. Click below to check out fertilizing and watering requirements for healthy Queen Palms.