Walsh River King Palm (Archontophoenix maxima)


Walsh River King Palm

Archontophoenix maxima

The Walsh River King Palm is the largest of the Archontophoenix species, with large green fronds that spread wide and bring an attractive tropical splash with shade into any landscape in Southern California. A native of North Queensland, this large palm is found along the Walsh River and the eastern coast of Australia, where it thrives in tropical rainforest and wet eucalypt forest habitats. Mature specimens are elegant and stately, featuring a thick trunk and creamy white flowers when in bloom. Younger specimens are equally as attractive and look fantastic grouped under taller trees. This is a good growing palm for our local climate!

Archontophoenix maxima palms love to grow in an area with full sun exposure or partial shade. They require low to moderate water use once established and grow well indoors and outdoors as potted plants or in containers. A low maintenance tree, the Walsh River King Palm is self-cleaning and is considered to be hardier than regular king palms.

If you’re looking to bring the tropical rainforest look to your landscape and increase home value and curb appeal, the Walsh River King Palm will do it! When clustered at the end of a swimming pool, you can create your own personal backyard paradise – attach a hammock to the trunks and relax! They also look stunning when lining a long driveway, so they’re a perfect addition to a larger estate that wants to impress with a stately look with calming features!

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  • Largest of the Archontophoenix species
  • Tropical shade tree
  • Low maintenance
  • Elegant and Stately palm
  • Considered to be hardier than regular king palms


Cluster of Flowers

Grows well in pots and containers

Grow in full sun to partial shade