Triangle Palm (Dypsis decaryi)


Triangle Palm

Dypsis decaryi

The Triangle Palm is another one of the elegant palms grown here at Palm Paradise, from our stock of prized specimen trees, in our local climate and under the best conditions. These palms are ready to add a little slice of paradise to your home or business in Southern California. It’s an attractive small to medium palm instantly recognized by its carefully arranged blue-green colored fronds that form in the shape of a triangle. The palm fronds arch gracefully from the trunk, and its size makes it ideal for planting in narrow spaces – it’s suitable for tract housing or wherever there’s a need to plant in tighter areas. The look of a Triangle Palm has a calming effect and enhances any environment, no matter where planted.

Triangle Palm care is simple, so it’s a great palm for people looking for an attractive, low-maintenance plant that doesn't require a green thumb! It’s drought tolerant and has low to moderate watering needs once established. Does well when planted in full sun but will also tolerate partial shade and even a brief light frost. Using the proper fertilizer, such as our Super Palm Juice, will optimize your palm’s performance - so use it and watch it grow and maintain its healthy good looks! The distinctive look of this palm tree is a welcome addition to any landscape and is a wise investment that can add value to any property!

Once established, a Triangle Palm growth rate is fast. We recommend buying as big as you can to bring a natural maturity to any site, and at Palm Paradise, we have the larger trees available in smaller containers, so you get more bang for your buck! We love our palms and are more than happy to show you around our huge property and help you select mature specimens for your landscaping needs. While you’re here, take advantage of our free professional landscape design consultation and let us help you create your dream landscape!

At Palm Paradise, we can do all the work - – from the design to delivery, the digging and planting!

  • Small to Medium-sized palm tree
  • Ideal for planting in narrow spaces
  • Fast growth rate
  • Blue-green colored fronds
  • Triangle-shape growth pattern
  • Hardy
  • Harder to find, rare and unique palm - available here!


Distinctive triangular shaped growth pattern

Hardy palm that loves the desert heat

Rare and unique Madagascar native not often seen in many landscapes

Can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in partial shade.