Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix reclinata)


Senegal Date Palm

Phoenix reclinata

  • Other common name is Wild Date Palm
  • Reclining, graceful curving nature
  • Can grow to be a medium-sized palm tree
  • Tropical shade tree
  • Non-aggressive roots so that they are ideal near pools
  • Plant in groupings to create a lush, tropical privacy hedge
  • Highly sought after palm tree in Southern California - available here!

Kick back, relax and enjoy the stunning view of a Senegal Date Palm in your landscape! Native to the semi-arid plains of Senegal, its botanical name, Phoenix reclinata is derived from the reclining, graceful, curving nature of the palm's wide reaching fronds. It tends to grow as clumps composed of multiple stems topped by crowns of thick dark green to yellow pinnate fronds. The large fronds are wide reaching and cast a light shade in any landscape. These features contribute to its calming nature. It has a moderate growth rate and can grow to be a striking medium sized palm that looks especially attractive when viewed from a balcony overlooking the tree!

A showy palm with year round interest, Senegal Date Palms are versatile enough to grow easily in full sun, partial sun or partial shade. This is a low maintenance tree with great durability! They will thrive in any well drained soil and require low to moderate water use once established. The roots are not aggressive, which makes them a great candidate for planting around swimming pools and spas – the perfect complement to any relaxing area! Their pinnate fronds soften any landscape and create an elegant silhouette with up lighting. We love to plant them in groupings - they create an impenetrable, lush privacy hedge to help block out unwanted views and help to create your own private backyard retreat!

Senegal Date Palms are ideally suited for large yards, parks and other spacious areas to be admired from afar or up close. In fact, it can be a dramatic specimen plant that looks especially impressive when displayed against large structures! Younger specimens can be potted and used for the patio, where they look magnificent around water fountains too!

This is one of the most sought after specimen palms for landscaping throughout California, Texas and Arizona. At Palm Paradise, we have these tropical beauties available in a variety of sizes, all custom grown from our stock of prized specimen trees for over 20 years. Our growing process creates the hardiest, best looking palms you have ever seen – we assure their quality!


Multiple curved, reclining trunks give a unique structure

Large fronds are wide reaching and create lots of shade

Add a distinct tropical look especially fitting around pools