Ribbon Palm (Livistona decipiens)


Ribbon Palm

Livistonia decipiens

With a name like Ribbon Palm you may think it is very delicate, and while it has a slender and elegant look, it is actually one of the toughest palm trees you can find! In its native Australia, Livistonia decipiens grows along the forest edges and coastal swamps in Queensland. Out here in the Southwest, this medium to large palm tree has earned its place in all landscapes thanks to its canopy of dark green, fan-shaped fronds that split into long, delicate ribbons that hang towards the ground – it looks like ribbons dangling from a hand-held fan! It can grow to be a tall, stately single-trunk tree that can add a graceful touch to any landscape, bringing curb appeal that every homeowner strives for!

The Ribbon Palm is a cold hardy beauty and is considered to be drought tolerant once established with low to moderate water requirements. Livistonia decipiens thrives in part shade to bright sunny exposures, so it’s a great choice for just about any spot in your landscape. It can happily adapt to many types of soils and should be a top consideration if you are looking for a tropical, yet hardy palm. And while it can certainly be planted as a single specimen, we love to plant them in groupings of three or more for a striking look, especially used in staggered heights, which can create a truly magnificent tropical hedge that is perfect for yards in Southern California!

This is a low maintenance tree that is easy to grow, so it is great choice if you have always wanted to add a tropical palm into your landscape but didn’t know where to start. And while it looks great at any growth stage, it is an especially gorgeous specimen when it gets larger. Bring natural maturity to your site when you buy bigger, more durable, better-looking palm trees custom-grown at Palm Paradise! We have been growing the highest quality palms from our stock of prized specimen trees for over 20 years! No one else does what we do and we can assure their quality!

  • Medium to Large-sized palm tree
  • Slender, elegant and one of the toughest palm trees
  • Fan-shaped fronds split into long, delicate ribbons
  • Adapts to many soil conditions
  • Easy to grow


Drought and cold tolerant

Slender and graceful

Delicate ribbon like fronds

Very wide variety of landscape applications