Rhapis Palm (Rhapis excelsa)


Rhapis Palm

Rhapis excelsa

Rhapis Palms, or “Lady Palms” are popular as both indoor houseplants and landscaping favorites. These beautiful, easy to grow palms can adapt to most interiors and are great for use in both subtropical and tropical landscapes. Native to the warm forests of southeast China and Taiwan, this small fan palm has been a favorite ornamental in China, Japan and Europe for centuries, and is now one of our favorites too! Its arrival on the American landscape in the 1960’s caught on fast, where its shiny green leaves and sizable clusters of foliage make it an excellent choice for use as a privacy hedge or dense screen. They are small to medium sized, multi-caned palm trees that are excellent used as landscape accents or indoor ornamentals - they are good in pots both indoors and out!

Noted for its easy-to-care-for features, Rhapis Palms are hardy enough to tolerate harsh indoor conditions and still look fresh. This is great news for those that don’t have a green thumb! They require low to moderate watering and are able to survive periods of drought once established. Cold hardy, Rhapis excelsa is considered to have a slow to moderate growth rate and since they are suitable for potting, you can place them in any area that could use some beautification! Applying the proper fertilizer, such as our Moon Valley Super Palm Juice will help this Lady palm thrive all year long.

One of the best things about the Rhapis Palm is how versatile it is. If you are looking for a beautiful palm to block out unwanted views, we recommend using them as a privacy hedge and screen your yard in style! It is a great choice outdoors when planted around water fountains or using it as an exquisite accent for the patio area. You can also use this attractive plant to clean the air inside your home or office – add life to any room or office and enjoy the all-around greenery!

  • Also known as the Lady Palm
  • Small to medium palm tree
  • Shiny green leaves
  • Sizable clusters of foliage
  • Excellent choice for use as a tropical privacy hedge or to block out unwanted views
  • Popular as both indoor houseplants and landscaping favorites
  • Hardy enough to tolerate harsh indoor conditions and still look fresh
  • Very easy to care for
  • Multi-caned palm tree


Elegant and graceful tropical effect

Slow growing, multiple trunk style

Bamboo - like clustering trunk pattern

Wonderful for large pots and containers