Princess Palm (Chamaedorea falcifera)


Princess Palm

Chamaedorea falcifera

  • An excellent interior plant
  • Tropical, upright stature ideal for any size room
  • Low-maintenance plant ideal for narrow walkways, offices, and bedrooms
  • Durable low-light palm
  • A hard to find palm available at Palm Paradise!

It is easy to see why the Princess Palm is a favorite for interiorscapers. Native to Guatemala, this palm is also known by the botanical name of Chamaedorea falcifera, and its tropical, upright stature can brighten up any room in a home or office space. We love the thick green pinnate leaves and the bamboo-like multiple trunks that do not crowd a space. Out in their native habitat, you will find these tropical plants growing naturally in the understory of the rain forest, and here in our local area, they are ideal for use indoors!

All you have to do is give this Princess Palm a little bit of love, and it will keep its good looks with minimal care. These are durable palms that thrive in low-light situations and once established will have low to moderate water requirements. Grow one in a beautiful pot and place it in narrow walkways, offices, or bedrooms, just be sure to dust the leaves from time to time!

This Chamaedorea Palm is a workhorse and ready to brighten up any room with the good cheer that plants bring to any environment. Use this plant to clean the air inside a home and to add a splash of tropically green goodness! We have beautiful decorative pots for sale that are the perfect fit for this lovely little palm.

Palm Paradise grows the best quality Chamaedorea and Princess Palms anywhere so that we can assure their quality. See the difference for yourself. Visit us today, and you will find the freshest and healthiest tropical plants growing in the largest indoor greenhouse!