Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)


Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata

The Ponytail Palm is a versatile and resilient plant that is not actually a palm at all! Native to Mexico, Beaucarnea recurvata is actually a dominant, slow growing small to medium sized feature plant in the lily family, with distinctive features that looks unlike any other tropical tree. It's noted for its swollen base that looks like a big onion sitting in soil and a trunk with a rosette of long, bright green, strap-like, feather plume leaves that arch and droop at the ends of branches. The leave clusters help to give this unique specimen its namesake, as well as a tropical look that fits in perfectly with a wide range of landscaping applications. Ponytail Palms look fantastic when grown in containers or pots and used as indoor houseplants, in courtyards, atriums, shade gardens or planted outdoors alone or in groups!

Drought tolerant, Ponytail Palms require low to moderate water once established and prefer full sun when grown outdoors. In fact, once established, this water-wise plant will thrive with little to no water at all. As an indoor houseplant, it can grow exceptionally well and make everyone happy when placed in a nicely lit room.

Landscapers and homeowners alike love how easy Ponytails are to care for and the countless ways they can be used in a landscape. No two are alike, so they are an entertaining tropical accent planted near walkways and entryways – alone or in clusters. We love to plant them to add interest along a blank wall or between windows. We also love to plant them as a single specimen in a small yard or area, where its unique look adds curb appeal and interest. It looks good near the base of taller palms or anchoring a small garden bed too, in other words, this is a palm tree that looks great anywhere!

We have been growing these palms for over 20 years, grown only from our premium quality seeds in our local climate right here in Bonsall. We take pride in doing what no one else does. We are the only people that grow these and assure their quality. We have the heathiest, best-looking palms anywhere!

  • Other common name is Elephant's Foot
  • Small to Medium-sized feature plant in the lily family
  • Rosette of long, bright-green feather plume leaves
  • Noted for its swollen base
  • Slow growth rate
  • Can grow indoors or outdoors
  • Great accent plant
  • Low maintenance


Does well in full sun

Considered an evergreen perennial

Expanded base used to store water

Not actually a palm!