Piru Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana)


Piru Queen Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana

  • Grown purely from superior seedlings with better genetic traits so you get the best-looking, hardiest palm tree you can find!
  • Medium-sized palm tree that fits well in a wide range of landscape styles
  • Dark green palm fronds that can even provide some shade too!
  • Fast growth rate
  • Cold and Heat tolerant, so it is a great choice for anywhere in SoCal!
  • Use them to create the most attractive tropical hedge you can find and create your backyard paradise!
  • Low maintenance - little care required, so almost anyone can take care of this beautiful palm!
  • Complements all types of architectural homes and buildings
  • Bring a calming, tropical look and feel into any landscape, so kick back, relax and enjoy!
  • These are custom-grown on our farms, and we have been growing them for over 20 years with a variety of sizes available!

Piru Queen Palms are at the top of their class when it comes to durability and appearance. At Palm Paradise, we love our palm trees and are proud to offer the finest Queen palms grown purely from superior seedlings with better genetic traits. Our Piru Queen Palms feature thicker and harder trunks as well as darker green palm fronds and fuller crowns that bring a calming, tropical look and feel into any landscape. Piru is a modern, fast growing, medium sized palm often seen lining neighborhood streets or planted in yards - bringing a little slice of paradise to homes and businesses across the Southwestern landscape while increasing property value and curb appeal too! Creates an awesome silhouette without blocking too much of a view of the beautiful California sunset.

One look and it is easy to see why our Piru Queen Palms are the best-looking, most-durable palms you will ever see. They are very heat tolerant, making them a best seller in hotter climates from the Inland Empire in Southern California, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona. They are custom-grown on our farms in our local environment right here in Bonsall to be extra hardy in heat or cold weather, so they are better acclimated to the conditions of the Southwest. These majestic beauties love full sun exposure and will require low to moderate watering once established. Easy to care for, we recommend occasional trimming. They are extremely drought tolerant. Their pinnate fronds soften every landscape and create a great silhouette with up lighting. They do not have an aggressive root system which makes them great around pools. We love planting them in groupings as well as using staggered heights to create more majestic accents, also by doing this we can use them as the greatest tropical hedge we can find!

Piru Queen Palms look great on a variety of landscape styles and complement all types of architectural homes and buildings. It is a good candidate for oceanfront views and larger estates inland. Visit our huge Palm Paradise nursery and witness these beauties and our many other palm tree specimens for yourself. No one else does what we do – we are the only people that grow these and assure the quality of everything we grow!

Relax! At Palm Paradise, we can do it all for you – from the design to delivery, to the digging, and planting!


Custom grown to be extra hardy in heat or cold!

Thicker trunks, fuller crowns & loves full sun

Extremely durable specimens custom grown for Western climates

Exclusively available at Moon Valley Nurseries