Pineapple Palm(Canary Island Date Palm) (Phoenix canariensis)


Pineapple Palm (Canary Island Date Palm)

Phoenix canariensis

Pineapple Palms or Canary Island Date Palms are one of the most stately and majestic palm trees in the world and ours are certified disease free! Highly prized for their beauty, you can plant this impressive palm tree just about anywhere, and it’s sure to enhance the look of any landscape! A native of the Canary Islands, it’s characterized by its dense canopy of green to dark green fronds, a stout trunk, and a pineapple-like crown. As impressive as its uniquely-shaped crown and fronds are, it also stuns with a trunk that displays a distinctive diamond shaped pattern - adding a touch of class and elegance that makes it a favorite focal point in Southern California landscapes.

A low maintenance tree, the Canary Island Date Palm loves warm weather and full sun exposure. It has low to moderate watering needs once established. Pineapple Palms have a moderate to high tolerance of salty coastal conditions, so they’re a good choice for coastal planting. It has a slow growth rate, so if you’re looking to create a substantial presence on a landscape, buy as big as you can to bring natural maturity to any site! We love to plant them poolside or utilize in rows; they look good no matter how you use them!

At Palm Paradise, we love our Canary Island Date Palms and take pride in offering the finest bigger specimens available anywhere! We have been growing ours from only our superior quality seeds for over 20 years. No one else does what we do! We are the only people that nurture these and assure their quality! And, we have the larger trees available in smaller containers, so you get better bang for your buck!

If you’ve ever driven by a property and did a double take at a palm that looked like a pineapple in the ground, you have seen a Canary Island Date Palm. Young or mature, this is one palm that is sure to get noticed for all the right reasons!

  • Certified Disease Free!
  • Also known as the Canary Island Date Palm
  • Stately and majestic palm that adds a touch of class and elegance to any landscape!
  • Can grow to be a large palm tree and is sure to add curb appeal!
  • They have a slow growth rate, so buy as big as you can if you want to add instant maturity and take full advantage of its many benefits
  • Distinctive pineapple-like crown, which is why it's commonly called the Pineapple Palm
  • Diamond-shaped pattern trunk for that luxury feel
  • Low maintenance palm that's very easy to care for
  • Tropical shade tree, especially when planted in groups!


Also known as Canary Island Date Palm

Very durable palm. Cold hardy & loves full sun!

Very clean, formal appearance. Common in resorts.

Wide fronds & trunk can be used to provide shade too!