Pindo Palm (Butia capitata)


Pindo Palm

Butia capitata

Pindo Palms are noted for their beautiful and distinctive silvery/blue-grey long feathered leaves that arch and recurve towards the ground, as well as their small to medium-sized stout look that adds tropical interest to any SoCal landscape. It can bring southern charm into any garden! Its size and growing habit makes it an almost perfect palm for residential environments throughout San Diego County and Southern California. Its dramatic foliage and low growing habit looks fantastic when planted in a front yard and when in bloom, it will produce an amber colored fruit that not only adds a nice contrast of color, it can be used to make the sweet and savory Pindo jelly.

Butia capitata palms are cold hardy and do well with full sun to moderate shade. Pindo Palm care is uncomplicated, with low to moderate watering needs once established. It’s a slow growing palm, so if you’re looking for a bigger specimen, come visit our huge nursery location. At Palm Paradise, we have beautiful Pindo Palms for sale in a variety of sizes, all grown in our local climate and ready to thrive in your SoCal landscape. With proper fertilizer, such as our Super Palm Juice, you can optimize the performance of the palm and watch it explode with growth!

Pindo Palms look great planted in a lawn and are an excellent choice for growing in a container. Pot some up and place them on a deck, on a patio, or plant them in your yard and enjoy the calming nature these palm trees provide. A Palm Paradise nursery professional will be happy to show you around our huge nursery and help you select from one of our fine Pindo Palm specimens. We have what you need no matter what your landscaping goals are.

And while you’re here, take advantage of our free professional landscape design consultation and let us help make your dream landscape a reality. We can do all the hard work – from the design to delivery, to the digging and planting!

  • Small to Medium palm tree
  • Silvery/blue-gray color leaves arch and recurve towards the ground
  • Great to grow in container
  • Durable and hardy
  • Slow growth rate
  • Low growing palm
  • Can produce juicy, amber-colored fruit
  • Distinctive look that's unlike any other palm


Unique, stout medium size palm

Very durable palm. Cold hardy & loves full sun!

Rare, silver to bluish grey color

Interesting trunk pattern as palm ages