Mule Palm (Butiagrus nabonnandii)


Mule Palm

Butiagrus nabonnandii

The Mule Palm is a rare palm that brings the best of all worlds into one sturdy palm tree. It's a cross between the popular Pindo Palm and the Queen Palm, with a beautiful appearance matched by extreme hardiness, drought tolerance and a moderate to fast growth rate. This hybrid single trunk looks nothing like its parents though. In fact, many people think it's far superior in appearance and overall appeal. It's a very durable palm that can grow to be a small to medium sized tree suitable and compact enough for small courtyard gardens or larger landscapes!

Butiagrus nabonnandii can be a harder to find palm. The good news is that we have these majestic beauties available at Palm Paradise, in bigger sizes, ready to bring a natural maturity to your site. Ours are only grown from our premium quality seeds, so they are healthier, more durable and ready to bring their lush appeal into any landscape! We have been growing superior palms for over 20 years. No one else does what we do and we are proud to be the only people that grow these and assure their quality.

Mule Palm trees love full sun exposure and require low to moderate water use once established. This is an easy, low maintenance plant that does well with a good quality palm fertilizer, such as our Super Palm Juice, which can help keep its green-colored fronds healthy, vibrant and prevent nutritional deficiency.

Mule Palms look fantastic no matter how you choose to use them in a landscape. We love to plant these in clusters or pairs, where mature trunks curve and form a graceful canopy enticing you to kick back and relax in your yard. The pinnate fronds can soften any landscape and can create a wonderful silhouette with up lighting that's sure to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!
  • Rare, harder to find palm tree - available here!
  • Cross between Pindo and Queen Palms
  • Can grow to be a small to medium-sized palm
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Ideal for compact or larger landscapes
  • Can be used as a tropical hedge
  • Adds a calming influence


Cold Hardy

Full sun

Moderate grower used for shade or screening