Miniature Queen Palm (Chamaedorea plumosa)


Miniature Queen Palm

Chamaedorea plumosa

The Miniature Queen Palm is the perfect solution for those desiring a look similar to that of the famous and larger Queen Palm, but don’t have the room for a larger palm to grow. Chamaedorea plumosa is better known as the Miniature Queen Palm because of its fronds, but the trunk is quite different! It is an attractive small palm with a bamboo-looking trunk that accentuates its soft, blue-green feather-like fronds beautifully. Native to southeast Mexico, you will find these tropical palms growing in the wet, dense forests of their native habitat. These are delicate and graceful looking palms, suitable for indoor use and perfect for growing in an outdoor tropical garden in SoCal. Having been recently introduced in California, this harder to find palm is already making a name for itself with palm enthusiasts, landscapers, and homeowners alike!

A moderate to fast growing evergreen, the Miniature Queen Palm is an excellent outdoor palm, especially for smaller yards in Southern California. It is easy to grow, requiring low to moderate water once established. Chamaedorea plumosa is a versatile palm - it can be grown in partial sun or shade, so they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to grow indoors place it near a window or skylight and in an area with high ceilings. It loves warm weather and is perfect for the Southern California climate!

Adding one of these low maintenance palms into your landscape or growing one indoors will make you feel like a design superstar. It looks fantastic mass planted outdoors, where it can become a tropical show-stopping privacy hedge! An excellent patio tree, it grows well in pots and containers and fits in with a broad range of landscape designs. See why the Miniature Queen Palm is a rising star in the world of landscape beautification!

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  • Small palm tree
  • Bamboo-looking trunk
  • Soft, blue-green feather-like fronds
  • Delicate and graceful
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Low maintenance palm
  • Can be used as a tropical privacy hedge


Tropical showstopper

Partial sun

Easy to grow

Grows well in pots and containers