Mexican Blue Fan Palm (Brahea armata)


Mexican Blue Fan Palm

Brahea armata

Stunning silvery blue foliage, extreme hardiness, a unique and dramatic appearance – plant a Mexican Blue Fan Palm into your landscape, and you get all this and more! Native to the rocky canyons of Baja California and Sonora, Mexico, this rare, slow growing palm is a real crowd pleaser! It is truly a palm tree with year-round interest – it features the wonderful silvery blue foliage all year long as well as cream flowered plumes and golden braids of fruits in the early summer!

Brahea armata is a single-trunk palm with a striking look that lends itself to a wide range of landscape designs – from Mediterranean to desert. We love to plant them as a focal point and use up lighting to create a scene that takes your landscape to the next level! We also love planting them for adding stunning vertical effects and even as a tropical hedge – it is an exceptionally versatile palm that is ideal for breaking up the greenery in any landscape while adding textural and color accents!

Mexican Blue Fan Palms prefer to grow in full sun exposure and have an extreme hardiness that lets them take the heat and the wind with ease. Once established, they have low to moderate water requirements and noted for being an easy to care for palm. As stated earlier it does grow very slowly. However, its appearance will reward you and your landscape no matter what size it is!

Mexican Blue Palms is one of the greatest palms for landscapes in Southern California and Arizona. If you are looking to bring natural maturity to your site, we recommend buying as big as you can. And while this is a rare palm, we do have them available at our Palm Paradise nursery, where we have been growing them for over 20 years, only grown from our premium quality seeds – contact us or visit us for our current available sizes.

  • Very rare and harder to find palm tree- available at Palm Paradise in a variety of sizes!
  • Amazing foliage adds dramatic colors and texture color to any landscape and can be used as one of the most stunning tropical hedges you can find!
  • Extremely hardy palm from Baja California, so it's great choice for SoCal!
  • Low maintenance and easy to care for!


Rare, slow growing fan palm

Very dramatic, silver - blue color

Very Hardy

Native to Baja peninsula of Mexico