Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium lamerei)


Madagascar Palm

Pachypodium lamerei

Though it is not a palm, this popular, semi-succulent Madagascar Palm certainly resembles the look of one! Its crown displays long, narrow green leaves that only grow at the top of the trunk, much like that of a palm tree. Native to Madagascar, this is an exotic and interesting-looking plant that may bloom clusters of pretty white fragrant flowers in the summer. It is a unique and quirky plant that does not get too big and looks incredible planted in groups or as a focal point in yards. With its deep, sharp, succulent and mostly unbranched trunk with palm-like top - this is a perfect palm if you’re looking to add an attractive, easy going plant into a subtropical or tropical landscape!

Minimal maintenance required, Pachypodium lamerei is a slow growing plant that loves full sun exposure and can grow well in partial shade environments too. It requires low to moderate watering once established and is moderately salt-tolerant, so it is a good choice for coastal communities, as well as inland. It is a very easy to care for plant that brings year-round interest to any landscape in SoCal! We are the only people that grow these - No one else does what we do! Ours our only grown from our premium quality seeds, so we can assure their quality.

A Madagascar Palm has been lovingly referred to as a “cactus with leaves” and is sure to get recognized for all the right reasons. It brings many benefits into a landscape – an interesting look, exotic beauty and can even be a plant that can protect your home from burglary. Due to its spiny trunk, a larger one is a good choice for Palm Paradise professional landscape installation – we do the work including design, delivery, and planting!

  • Semi-succulent
  • Exotic beauty
  • Very low maintenance
  • Moderately salt tolerant
  • Referred to as a "cactus with leaves"
  • Slow growth rate


Needle-sharp spines dot silvery trunk

Pretty white summer bloom

Botanical name means ‘Thick Foot’

Slow growing palm