Hurricane Palm (Washingtonia robusta)


Hurricane Palm

Dictyosperma album

Able to withstand strong hurricane force winds, the Hurricane Palm is a tough and durable specimen with a graceful appearance to match! Native to the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean, Dictyosperma album features arching dark-green pinnate fronds that grow from a light green, white or red crownshaft and a single, smooth gray trunk that is ringed with old leaf scars. This is an ideal medium-sized palm with a distinctive look loved by anyone that desires a tropical-feel landscape. It has a slow growth rate, so some like to grow these beauties indoors, where they can create a relaxed atmosphere that complements any home interior.

Hurricane Palms grow well in partial shade to full sun light exposures and once established, have low to moderate water requirements. Easy to care for, they have a self-cleaning trunk that makes them a top low maintenance palm tree ideal for any landscape. We love how their pinnate fronds softens every landscape and with up lighting installed, they can create an impressive silhouette that you have to see to believe. They look impressive when planted in groupings too, where we love to plant them using staggered heights, for the greatest tropical hedge we can find! We recommend buying as big as you can if you want to bring instant natural maturity that can increase property value and create a lush backyard paradise!

In its native habitat, the Hurricane Palm is unfortunately close to extinction. The good news is that we have been custom-growing these magnificent palms, from our premium quality stock for over 20 years! If you want bigger palms you have come to the right place! We do what no one else can do – we are the only ones that grow superior Dictyosperma album palms and assure that they are the best-quality, most durable palms – you will not find better-looking palms anywhere else!