Guadalupe Fan Palm (Brahea edulis)


Guadalupe Fan Palm

Brahea edulis

The Guadalupe Fan Palm is a popular palm tree here in the Southwest, especially in Southern California since its salt spray and wind tolerance makes it a favorite for coastal planting. Native to Guadalupe Island off the west Mexico Coast, Brahea edulis is a slow growing, medium sized palm with a ringed, single stout trunk and light green costapalmate fronds that lend a tropical appearance in any landscape. As great as it is for coastal planting, its tolerance for cold winters and hot summers lets it grow just as well throughout other parts of the Southwest too. This fan palm is a fruit-bearing tree, with the fruit having a surprisingly similar taste to dates and is often used to make preserves.

A very low maintenance tree, Guadalupe Fan Palms are self-cleaning – the fronds fall off as they dry, helping it to maintain its clean look. It requires low to moderate water use once established and then it is quite drought tolerant, making it an excellent choice for desert landscapes. In fact, once established, Brahea edulis needs little or no care! They will thrive in full sun and grow in almost any soil type. These palms are often seen adding a tropical splash to residential yards and commercial properties throughout the Southwest. Since they never get too big, we love to plant these in smaller gardens, though they look just as good in larger landscapes planted in groupings as well.

Let’s face it, landscapes in Southern California and the Southwest without palm trees lining the avenues and adorning front and backyards look incomplete. Palm trees bring the look and feel of the tropics right here in the Southwest, and the Guadalupe Fan Palm is an excellent choice for Palm newbies as well as palm enthusiasts looking to create their tropical paradise at home.

Although endangered in their native habitat, Palm Paradise custom grows Guadalupe Fan Palms only grown from our premium quality seedlings. We have the larger palm trees available in smaller containers, so you get better bang for your buck! Buy big and kick back as our professional landscape crew brings natural maturity to your site!

  • Medium-sized palm
  • Slow growth rate
  • Ringed, single stout trunk
  • Light green costapalmate fronds
  • Salt spray and wind tolerance - ideal for coastal planting
  • Good choice for use in smaller landscapes
  • Cold and Heat tolerant
  • Very low maintenance - perfect for palm tree newbies!


Easy to grow

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant

Beautiful resort-style miniature fan palm

Full sun