Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata)


Foxtail Palm

Wodyetia bifurcata

The Foxtail Palm has quite the backstory! Native to Australia, Wodyetia bifurcata named in honor of an Australian aborigine, Wodyetia, who was the last man of his tribe to have knowledge of flora and fauna of its region. The species name “bifurcata” is Latin for “twice divided,” which is used to describe the beautiful fluffy leaves that resemble a fox tail. Surprisingly, it went undiscovered until 1978, when Wodyetia brought this species to the attention of authorities – even Palm specialists were unaware that it even existed!

Once pictures of this beautiful palm spread across the community of Palm enthusiasts, the demand was high for this beautiful, small to medium sized palm that can grow in many areas. Like many things, demand exceeded supply, and the seeds entered the “black market”, prompting the Australian government to protect the species and place a ban on seed exports. Fortunately, domestic supplies of seeds grown from plants elsewhere were available to meet this demand, and at Palm Paradise, we can offer these gorgeous palms in a variety of sizes, ready to thrive in your landscape!

You’ll love the tropical feeling that Foxtails Palms bring into your landscape. Once you’ve got one of these specimens, you’ll want to plant it someplace on your property that gets full sun exposure as it loves the heat and the sun. Be sure to provide it with low to moderate watering once established and use the proper fertilizer, such as our Super Palm Juice - then watch it explode with a growth of full and lush green leaves. Landscapers and palm enthusiasts alike prize it for its unique bushy leaves and robust trunk that’s just begging for a hammock! Plant in groups of three or more for a stunning mass planting effect or plant in rows along streets and driveways.

Palm Paradise can do all the work required for a dream landscape – we can do the design, delivery, the digging and the planting! We do it right!

  • This small to medium sized palm is perfect for creating a relaxing private backyard oasis, plant a few and attach a hammock to the robust trunk for the ultimate relaxation spot!
  • Why travel to far off lands for paradise, plant these are bring the look of the tropics home!
  • One of the most popular Southern California landscaping palms


Tropical showstopper

Arching, ‘Fox tail’ like fronds

Smooth gray trunk, bright green canopy

Most used landscape palm in the world