Fishtail Palm (Caryota urens)


Fishtail Palm

Caryota urens

  • Has been known to live up to 50 to 60 years!
  • Other common names are Fishtail Wine Palm or Toddy Palm; the sap can be tapped from the inflorescence and fermented into palm wine or boiled down to make sugary syrup
  • Can grow fast to be a large-sized palm tree that is sure to add curb appeal to any landscape!
  • Their arching, dark green leaves help to give it its tropical rainforest appearance
  • Ideal for use as a tropical privacy hedge
  • Can be used to create a private backyard retreat; enjoy the gorgeous California sunset without blocking too much of your view!

The Fishtail Palm grows into a largely sized palm quickly, so you will not have to wait too long to create a mature site with this beautiful single-stemmed palm with arching, dark green leaves! Enjoy these beauties for many years because these palms have been known to live up to 50 to 60 years! A Southeast Asian native, this high mountain selection grows in rainforest clearings in its native habitat and thrives in Southern California. Caryota urens is cultivated both for its ornamental features and its products – also own as the Fishtail Wine Palm or Toddy Palm, the sap can be tapped from the inflorescence and fermented into palm wine or boiled down to make a sugary syrup. Of course, here in in the Southwest, its primary use is an attractive tropical addition to a variety of landscape styles, where its huge, bipinnate leaves give it its fishtail-like character.

Fishtail Palms require full sun or part shade exposure. These palms can be grown indoors as long as they are placed in an area with bright indirect light, though since they grow fast, it is best to grow these beautiful palms outdoors where both you and your neighbors will appreciate it! We love to plant these palms as a lawn specimen or for adding quick shade over a patio. They are also excellent for use in shrub borders, where groupings can add a lush look and help block out unwanted views! This evergreen is a good alternative to clumping bamboo, requiring little to moderate water use once established.

This palm is one of Southern California’s unique trees and destined to make a tropical statement in your landscape. We love to plant young Fishtail Palms as privacy screens or stand-alone specimens - the draping mass of deep green leaves contrast beautifully with its gray, smooth trunk. They create an awesome silhouette without blocking too much of your sunset view!

We have been custom-growing Fishtail Palm trees for over 20 years, only grown from our premium quality seedlings! We are the only people that grow these and assure their quality – no one else does what we do! Visit us today and tour our huge nursery, we know you have never seen an impressive palm selection like this before!


Jagged fishtail-like fronds

Clustering palm grows dense and full

Alternative to clumping bamboo

Great tropical privacy look