Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)


Date Palm

Phoenix dactylifera

Date Palms planted in any landscape will add a formal, resort-style look that is hard to ignore. And why would you ever want to ignore these stately and majestic palms! Native to northern Africa, these are the classic, exotic palm trees of the desert oasis. Ours are certified disease free! When planted in groups and rows they offer a cool umbrella of shade, providing a welcome relief from the stifling heat and the sun common in its native habitat and certain parts of the Southwest. Phoenix dactylifera was one of the first plants to be cultivated by humans. Out here in the west, they are found at upscale resorts, commercial properties, shopping areas and grand estates, where their stunning look is made even more impressive with a “classic cut.” This type of specialized cut yields a distinctive, raised diamond shape trunk that adds impressive formality and a commanding presence to all landscapes. The Date Palm is a magnificent specimen for landscaping larger areas! Enjoy the California sunset while Phoenix dactylifera creates an awesome silhouette without blocking too much fo your view!

Not too particular about soil, Date Palms love full sun exposure and require little to moderate water use once established. They are very clean and produce an insignificant amount of litter. We love planting Date Palms around swimming pools, where their reflection can be admired in mirror-smooth water. Uplighting creates a magnificent silhouette against light colored walls and adds powerful nighttime drama in any landscape. We also love to plant these palms in groupings and line them up along a long driveway or create majestic accents using staggered heights. No matter how you choose to use these beauties in a landscape, they have a positive influence and can increase both the curb appeal and value of your home or business.

Create your oasis in the comfort of your backyard. Date Palms can grow to be an impressive palm. Buy bigger specimens to bring a natural maturity to your site. At Palm Paradise, we have the larger Phoenix dactylifera palm trees available in smaller containers, so you get better bang for your buck! Ours our only grown from our premium quality seedlings and we’ve been growing them this way for over 20 years. We are the only people that grow these and assure their superior quality!

  • Certified Disease Free!
  • Stately and majestic, this is the classic, exotic palm of the desert oasis that most people know
  • Can grow to be a large palm tree, adding a bit of luxury and a resort-style feeling anywhere
  • Often used for landscaping larger areas and when planted in groups and rows they offer a cool umbrella of shade, which is why they're so popular out in the desert and sunny regions
  • Very clean, so they are perfect beside pools and spas and help create a backyard paradise!
  • With nighttime landscape lighting, you can create a magical scene on your landscape that is sure to add curb appeal and get noticed for all the right reasons!


Diamond-cut trunk adds impressive formality and presence

Commonly found at upscale resorts, commercial facilities & shopping areas

Formal appearance, unique trunk patterns and very clean

Wide fronds make excellent shade when planted in groups or rows