Coconut Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana X schoffel)


Coconut Queen Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana X schoffel

The Coconut Queen Palm is one of the most exciting new palms to hit the market in years! In fact, it is probably the hardiest tropical palm tree we have ever seen! This beauty is a result of hybridization – it combines the graceful look of the Kentia with the versatility and vigor of the popular Queen Palm. The combination of the two creates a palm that you have to see to believe! For instance, a mature Coconut Queen Palm holds a great deal more fronds than a standard Queen palm, for a look that is more lush and full!

Homeowners and landscapers alike love how much cleaner this palm is when compared to the Queen palm. After all, since it is a hybrid, it produces much less fruit than the Queen. With much less landscape litter, it is an especially good candidate for planting anywhere in your landscape, especially if you choose to have them planted around swimming pools, walkways, and sidewalks. We just love how hardy this palm is too. Coconut Queen Palms are very cold hardy and have been known to withstand the worst freeze that California has seen in 50 years, without receiving any damage. It has a slow growth rate and once established requires low to moderate water use.

The Coconut Queen Palm grows best in full sun and is a total tropical showstopper! We love to plant them in groupings, where we often use them in staggered heights to create a tropical hedge that can create a private backyard paradise while screening your yard in style!

We are proud to offer this hard to find palm here at Palm Paradise! We recommend buying as big as you can if you are looking to bring a natural maturity to your site. Visit our huge location today, and our nursery pros will be happy to help you select a bigger specimen that is durable and beautiful!

  • Very hardy
  • Combines the look of the Kentia palm with the versatility and vigor of the Queen palm
  • Very clean
  • Loves full sun
  • Lush and full look
  • Great for use as a tropical hedge


Cold Hardy

Slow growing palm

Tropical showstopper