Cardboard Palm (Zamia furfuracea)


Cardboard Palm

Zamia furfuracea

  • Other common names include Cardboard Sago, Jamaican Sago, Mexican Cycad
  • This cycad species is one of the most popular in cultivation
  • Suitable for mass plantings

Not a palm at all, in fact, the Cardboard Palm is a cycad, another one of the “living fossil” plants custom-grown and available at Palm Paradise! Zamia furfuracea is native to the warm, sandy coastal plains of Mexico, and out here in the Southwest, we love to plant them in groupings for a lush, tropical effect or mass planted in a shrub border that adds a dramatic look to any landscape. It is tough enough to survive indoors and adapts easily for use as a houseplant in a brightly lit room. It grows slowly, featuring rigid, medium-green foliage that tends to feel like fuzzy cardboard. It also has an exotic looking cone that helps to give it its distinctive appearance. This cycad is a favorite plant suitable for a broad range of uses – from commercial to residential plantings!

Cardboard Palms grow best in full sun and tolerate partial shade or partial sun just fine. They do have a high drought tolerance once established and can handle a bit of neglect too. They can tolerate a variety of well-drained soils and have low to moderate water requirements once established. Since they have good sea salt tolerance, they are suitable for coastal planting, where we love to plant them in perennial beds or mixed foundation plantings. Another popular option is growing them in a container, where they are often spotted living happily on coastal condo balconies throughout Southern California. Some of our customers love to use them as potted plants for the patio or deck.

Grow them indoors or outdoors! Though they have a slow growth rate, the reward for your patience is well worth it – you get to own one of the most attractive plants that can fit in almost any landscape style! Cardboard Palms love to grow in Southern California and will do well with the occasional feeding of our Super Palm Juice fertilizer.