​Australian Tree Fern (Cyathea cooperi)


Australian Tree Fern

Cyathea cooperi

  • Other common names include Lacy Tree Fern, Scaly Tree Fern, Cooper’s Tree Fern
  • A tree fern prized for their lacy crowns of emerald-green fronds
  • Found at the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Botanical Tours
  • Tree ferns grow a “trunk” that elevates the fronds above the ground
  • Fast growing and tolerant of shade

The Australian Tree Fern is a must in any tropical landscape design! Native to eastern Australia and also called by its botanical name Cyathea copperi, this tree fern is prized for the lacy crowns of emerald-green fronds that soften any landscape. Tree ferns can lend a rain-forest vibe and appearance to any yard and are the ideal companions to palm trees! Build your backyard retreat and enjoy a beautiful California sunset while taking in the lush scenery of the richly textured fronds bobbing gracefully in a gentle breeze.

Thanks to its hardiness, fast growth rate, and aesthetic appeal, Cyathea cooperi is a favorite tree fern throughout Southern California. These Australian Tree Ferns grow best in a spot with full shade to partial shade/sun exposures and once established will have low to moderate water requirements.

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