Queen Sago Palm (Cycas circinalis)


Queen Sago Palm

Cycas circinalis

The Queen Sago Palm is a prized cycad noted for its palm-like features that add a nice, light-textured tropical effect into all landscapes! Native to the Old World Tropics, Cycas circinalis is an ancient cone bearing plant that is believed to pre-date dinosaurs and is a larger and more graceful cycad than the more common King Sago (it is a Queen after all!) This African Queen is a beautiful specimen that can grow to be a small to medium sized evergreen cycad with a solitary trunk and dark green, pinnate leaves with opposing narrow leaflets that curve downward. New leaves are light green and add a dramatic contrast with the older, dark green foliage. It is suitable for growing indoors and looks great mass planted, used as a border, accent or as a standalone specimen in any landscape!

Queen Sago Palms love to have sufficient room to spread, so they are a great choice for larger landscapes in the Southwest. It is cold hardy and grows in part shade and performs exceptionally well in full sun environments. And, since they are slow growing, they can be grown in a pot indoors. They have a high drought tolerance and require low to moderate watering once established. Homeowners and landscapers alike appreciate the super clean, low maintenance features of the Queen Sago! We love planting them for use as a focal point in a large yard, where they can be admired from all sides and angles! These are a welcome addition to any residential, industrial and commercial landscape in Southern California!

Own a piece of living history. A common sight during the Jurassic period, today these fascinating Queen Sago Palms are harder to find. The great news is that Palm Paradise has been growing them from our stock of prized specimens for over 20 years! We are the only people that grow these and assure their quality! Cycads are known to be among the oldest group of seed plants on earth, having survived, unchanged for millions of years! Palm Paradise is proud to offer these ancient specimens for public and private gardens throughout the Southwest, so come visit our huge nursery and see for yourself!
  • Prized cycad noted for its palm-like features
  • Small to medium sized evergreen cycad
  • Looks great mass planted, used as a border, accent or as a standalone specimen
  • Can be grown indoors or outdoors
  • Cold hardy
  • Super clean, low-maintenance
  • Ancient, cone-bearing plant
  • Harder to find - available here!


Small, slow growing accent palm

Performs exceptionally well in full sun environments

Super clean, easy to grow and cold hardy

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