Natal Giant Cycad (Encephalartos natalensis)


Natal Giant Cycad

Encephalartos natalensis

  • Long-lived
  • Can grow to be robust and tall
  • “Living Fossil” and classified as nearly threatened in its native habitat
  • Water wise evergreen ideal for any low-water use landscape
  • An excellent companion to any palm tree

Find the best cycads for Southern California, such as the Natal Giant Cycad, custom-grown and nurtured here at Palm Paradise! This “living fossil” is native to South Africa where you can usually find them in their native habitat growing on rocky coasts and outcrops inland from the coast. Any cycad enthusiast may recognize this unique plant by its botanical name, Encephalartos natalensis, and this robust and tall Encephalartos is ready to add plenty of interest to any size yard! This large species forms a broad crown of long, bright green leaves and has both male and female cones that are a golden color. We like to use them in any landscape where they add plenty of year-round appeal!

Encephalartos natalensis thrive in full sun or shade, making them an ideal companion to palm trees and other tropical plants. Homeowners and landscapers alike love how easy they are to maintain too – no green thumb needed! Once established, they are drought tolerant, requiring little to moderate water. It is a frost-hardy cycad and loves to grow here in our local climate.

Cycads such as Encephalartos natalensis can be hard to find. The good news is that Palm Paradise has been growing these ancient plants right here in our local climate so that they can thrive in your yard as a focal point or as a perfect new addition to any tropical theme landscape.

Visit us today, and we can help you handpick the perfect Natal Giant Cycad and the trees and other plants you want for a beautiful landscape that is sure to increase property value! Palm Paradise is home to the healthiest, freshest and best-looking palms, cycads and other trees and plants that you will not find at any other nursery. See the difference!