King Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta)


King Sago Palm

Cycas revoluta

Go back in time, when dinosaurs and the King Sago Palm ruled the earth. Plant this primitive Sago into your landscape and you can almost do this – all without having to step into a DeLorean time machine and bypassing T-Rex in the process! Cycas revoluta is an unusual and interesting cone bearing plant that can trace its origins back to the ancient flora of the early Mesozoic era. Native to Japan, this “living fossil” is one of the most primitive living seed plants, having changed very little in the last 200 million years. It is also one of those trees that can be enjoyed on your landscape for many generations to come.

While it does have the designation of being called a palm, it is actually a cycad that is more closely related to a pine tree than it is a palm tree! That said, as it matures, this tough and tolerant cycad will resemble a small palm that adds a tropical, prehistoric-like look into any landscape. No matter its size, King Sago Palms are one of the easiest plants to grow and care for, whether you are a beginner or an expert. They accept full sun or bright interior light, so they can be grown outdoors or in a decorative pot and used as an eye-catching indoor plant in a home or office.

The King Sago Palm has a slow growth rate, however, it is a very low maintenance plant that can tolerate neglect, so just give it low to moderate water use once established and let it grow! Great on any landscape, we love to plant them in groupings as well as using staggered heights, where they can be used as an effective barrier or as a magnificent tropical hedge!

We recommend buying as big as you can if you are looking to bring natural maturity to your site. Cycad enthusiasts will be glad to know that Palm Paradise custom-grows these ancient specimens, and has been for over 20 years. We grow King Sago Palms in our local climate, ready to thrive no matter where you grow them!

  • Tough and tolerant cycad
  • Can trace its origins back to the ancient flora of the early Mesozoic era
  • Slow growth rate
  • Easy, low maintenance plant
  • Can grow indoors or outdoors
  • Plant in groupings and use as a magnificent tropical hedge


Small, slow growing accent palm

Super clean, easy to grow and cold hardy

Performs exceptionally well in full sun environments

Wonderful for large pots and containers

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