Honduras Dioon (Dioon mejiae)


Honduras Dioon

Dioon mejiae

The Honduras Dioon is a must for any cycad enthusiast and for anyone that wants to add a tropical beauty into their landscape! Native to Honduras and Nicaragua, Dioon mejiae is also known by a number of other common names such as palma teosinte, tiusinte and tusinte, which all translate to mean “sacred ear.” It is easy to see why this is such a prized and sacred plant to so many people. The Indian inhabitants of their native region boil and grind the chestnut-like seeds to make a tortilla like food and the pale to lime green palm-like leaves are in high demand, where they are used for decorating altars and funeral wreaths. Here in the Southwest, Honduras Dioon is used as an exceptional landscape plant that can adapt to both sun and shade. This medium to large cycad grows attractive, stiff, upright leaves that help to give it its majestic appearance.

This is a primeval cycad, having been around for millions of years, which is a testament to its robustness. Dioon mejiae is cold hardy, drought tolerant and has low to moderate water requirements once established. It responds very well when given the proper fertilizer, so be sure pick up our Moon Valley fertilizer to give it a good start! Honduras Dioon is a moderately salt tolerant cycad, so it is a good candidate for use in all types of landscapes, whether you live on the coast or inland. This is one of those genus of cycads that grows very well in Southern California!

Its unique design and appearance makes it an interesting specimen accent. We love to plant these fast growing cycads in groupings, where they look amazing in any landscape style, from tropical to desert themes! Many of our customers also love to use Honduras Dioon as potted plants placed around patios and decks. Plant anyplace you desire an interesting tropical look!

Palm Paradise is proud to offer premium quality specimens, grown from our stock of prized specimen trees! Cycad lovers will be glad to know that we have been growing the best quality cycads for over 20 years and assure their quality!

  • Also known as Palma Teosinte, Tiusinte, and Tusinte
  • Medium to Large cycad
  • Pale to lime green palm-like, stiff, upright leaves
  • Grows very well in Southern California
  • Interesting specimen accent
  • Moderately salt tolerant
  • Fast growth rate
  • Tropical beauty
  • Can be used as potted plants
  • Indian inhabitants of their native region boil and grind the chestnut-like seeds to make a tortilla like food


Full to partial sun

Fast growing

Tropical showstopper

Cold Hardy