Ancient Macrozamia (Macrozamia moorei)


Ancient Macrozamia

Macrozamia moorei

The Ancient Macrozamia is one of the oldest plants still living on the planet! In fact, it can be traced back to the ancient Mesozoic period some 170 million years ago, so if you are looking to own a living fossil, this is one that adds beauty and interest into any landscape. This slow growing, large cycad is native to Queensland, Australia, where it grows on low hills at the edge of rainforests and in very scenic rocky areas. In Australia, Macrozamia moorei has been affected by loss of habitat, which has led to many of these ancient plants being destroyed. There is some good news for cycad enthusiasts - Palm Paradise is able to offer this rare, harder to find specimen, custom-grown right here at our nursery!

Also known as Moore’s Cycad, this is the tallest of all the Macrozamias. It is renowned for its large, rounded “date palm” like crown featuring arching bluish-green foliage, and a robust trunk that lends a tropical, prehistoric jungle-like look into all landscapes. Macrozamia moorei is frost-tolerant and drought tolerant once established with low to moderate water requirements. It is a very hardy and versatile plant that can adapt to a wide range of soils and climates. It loves the sun, so we love to plant them in a nice sunny location where they look great as a focal point or in a rock garden. We also love to plant bigger specimens in groupings for use as a tropical hedge, where they can create a lush, interesting screen that you have to see to believe! Younger specimens are great for growing in containers too!

Palm and cycad enthusiasts will want to come visit our huge Palm Paradise nursery today. We have been growing and nurturing cycads locally at our farms for over 20 years and assure their quality is the best you'll find anywhere! We have bigger specimens of this slow growing cycad available! Macrozamia moorei is often hailed as the most beautiful and majestic of all of the species of the genus, come see for yourself!

  • Large cycad
  • Slow growth rate
  • The tallest of all the Macrozamias
  • Arching, blueish-green foliage
  • Can adapt to a wide range of soils
  • Bigger specimens planted in groupings can be used as a lush, tropical hedge
  • Rare, harder to find cycad - available here!


Slow growing, multiple trunk style

Rare Cycad

Tropical showstopper

Can be used as a specimen shade tree or planted in rows as a privacy screen