Extended Warranty

Terms and Conditions

What comes with an extended warranty?

  • Free double staking if necessary (up to $50 value)
  • 1 year warranty from date of planting
  • No charge for a return delivery/installation when the warranty is redeemed.

When can the extended warranty be purchased?

  • The warranty must be purchased before installation date.

Terms and conditions

  • These prices do not include the cost of a crane should one be necessary to do the replacement. Please ask a sales representative if this will apply to your purchase.
  • The extended warranty covers each tree against loss for 1 year from the date of planting. This includes frost, wind (so long as the tree continues to be double staked), heat stress, weather-related damage, and normal loss of a tree.
  • Replacement tree will be of the same size and specimen as purchased on the original invoice. For instance, if a customer originally purchased a “Huge” size tree, when the warranty is used, the replacement tree will be the “Huge” size as well.
  • If a customer purchases multiple trees that are the same size and type, he/she must purchase an extended warranty for each item. For example, if the customer is purchasing 5 Huge Shamel Ash trees, and he/she wants to get an extended warranty, the customer must buy 5 extended warranties. No Exceptions.
  • If an extended warranty is purchased and the tree dies, Moon Valley Nursery will have up to, but no longer than, 90 days to provide the replacement.
  • If the warranty is exercised during the warranty period and a replacement tree is planted, the replacement tree will have a 90-day transplantation shock warranty.
  • Warranty must be redeemed at the store location where the original purchase was made.
  • There will be no prorated refunds on any warranties bought by the customer.
  • Blue select trees still qualify for an extended warranty. In the event that the tree needs to be replaced, it must be replaced with a blue select tree of the same size and type.
  • Extended warranties do not include watering, fertilizing, or trimming costs during the term of the warranty.
  • Warranty will be void if the customer attempts to remove and replant the product in a different location.
  • Unless otherwise stated above, this warranty includes all of the terms and conditions as stated on the back of the original purchase invoice.

  • See store for more details.