Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)


Star Jasmine

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Star Jasmine is a leading star in any landscape thanks to its very fragrant, star-shaped white flowers and attractive lush dark green foliage! From China, we love to plant Trachelospermum jasminoides where anyone can enjoy the fragrance and appearance, such as near an entryway or patio! It looks amazing when it twines itself up a trellis or fence and it can cover a wall quickly, so we also love to use them to cover any unsightly wall structure! If you’re looking for an excellent groundcover to plant under tall trees, look no further than this fast growing Star Jasmine!

This is a good waterwise landscaping choice for the SoCal coastal communities as well as inland where it can be used for firescaping. Star Jasmine is easy to care for and likes to grow in an area with partial to full sun and once established, has low to moderate watering needs. Since it is a very low-maintenance plant, there is very little pruning required, so it’s a favorite throughout Southern California. Plant anytime and enjoy the wonderful features of this fragrant evergreen vine!

We love to help our customers achieve their landscaping goals, from offering the best selection of trees, shrubs and other plants to our professional design services and professional installation. Our Star Jasmine and other plants and trees are custom grown using only our own private stock of premium quality specimens, we are the only people that do this and can assure their quality!

  • Also known as Confederate Jasmine, Maile Haole
  • Loves to grow in California from coastal exposure to inland
  • The beautiful fragrant flowers can bloom from Spring into Summer
  • A pet friendly and bird friendly plant with year-round interest
  • Once established is able to tolerate dry spells
  • Can grow in a variety of soils
  • Suitable for growing in containers


Extremely fragrant star -shaped white flowers in spring

Vigorous vine or rambling shrub

Lush dark green foliage

Full to partial sun