Orange Jubilee (Tecoma alata)


Orange Jubilee

Tecoma alata

Orange Jubilee is a large, fast-growing and festive shrub noted for its abundant cluster of orange-colored trumpet blooms. You can enjoy the colorful bloom all summer long and into fall! When in bloom, the flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds, creating a picture perfect scene. Its rich, green lush foliage gives it a subtropical appearance that adds instant curb appeal. Native to Peru, Tecoma alata is a great choice for Southern California, where we love to plant them for use as screens, privacy hedges, along walls and borders. This is a favorite moderately drought tolerant plant throughout the Southwest, where it’s used as a stunning landscape or garden accent!

This shrub loves the sun, in fact, the more sun it gets, the better the flower intensity! We love to plant Orange Jubilee in sunny spaces, where their festive appearance brightens up any neighborhood. We also love to plant them around large patios and porches, where people like to relax outdoors and take in the wonderful display of color. It’s a nice complement to Spanish architecture too! Once established, it has low to moderate water requirements and it can tolerate a wide variety of soil types. We recommend buying bigger specimens to enjoy the many beneficial landscape uses of this stunning beauty.

The bigger Orange Jubilee’s are considered a luxury item because they might be harder to find at that size. At Palm Paradise, we have larger specimens available in smaller containers, so you get better bang for your buck! We also do what no else does, we are the only people that grow these and assure their quality! We have been growing premium quality Tecoma alata for over 20 years, only grown from our own premium quality specimens. Thanks to our custom growing process, we can guarantee that you get better looking, healthier plants!

  • Also known as Orange Bells, Orange Trumpet Flower, Cahauto
  • Fast growing shrub
  • Evergreen
  • Heat loving


Fast growing large shrub with large cluster of orange trumpet blooms

Loves the sun and blooms all summer and fall

Fairly drought tolerant and sun hardy

Use for screens, hedges, and along walls and borders