Lilac Vine (Hardenbergia violacea)


You’ll love the springtime blooms of white, pink or violet flowers produced by Lilac Vine, an attractive evergreen vine that’s ideal for climbing accent locations, walls and trellises. In addition to its pretty pea-shaped flowers, this Australian native also features handsome evergreen foliage that makes Hardenbergia violacea a welcome addition into any west coast landscape. Since it will climb along a fence, we love to use it as a screen, where it can block unsightly views!

Lilac Vine prefers to grow where there is full sun or partial sun exposures and has a moderate growth rate. Once established, it is drought tolerant and will have low to moderate watering needs. We recommend feeding it with our Moon Valley Nursery fertilizers for optimal growth and performance. This vine has no thorns, so feel free to plant it near an entry.

If you love colorful purple blooms, you will love growing this vine to hide a fence or other structure! Lilac Vine is an amazing vine and it can also be used as a feature plant, foundation plant, in tropical gardens or in a rock garden. We offer a convenient free landscape design consultation at our nursery, so feel free to speak with any of our nursery professionals and we will be glad to help!

Palm Paradise grows superior vines such as this Hardenbergia. We grow them from our own premium quality specimens, and have been doing so for over 20 years, so we can assure that they are the best quality plants at the best price available!

  • Synonym Hardenbergia monophylia
  • Other common names include False Sarsaparilla, Purple Coral Pea, Vine Lilac
  • Flowers better planted where there is full sun
  • Can be grown as a houseplant as long as it is in a very bright and sunny room
  • Traditionally used as a vine but also works beautifully as a ground cover
  • A popular, in-demand plant available here!


Blooms in early spring

Flowers are pea shaped

Best for trellises, walls, and accent locations

Partial sun