Lady Banks (Rosa banksiae)


Lady Banks

Rosa banksiae

Lady Banks is a mostly thornless climbing rose that features a breathtaking display of clusters of miniature white or yellow blossoms that can burst onto the scene in spring. Native to central and western China, Rosa banksiae is a vigorous climber with attractive evergreen foliage, so we love to plant them on porches of fences, where they can be used as a natural privacy screen teeming with beauty! People love them because they can easily cover a trellis or a structure; great for covering unsightly objects!

It’s easy to see why the Lady Banks has been a longtime favorite for gardeners. These are fast-growing vines that love to grow where there is full sun to partial shade exposure and are a sight to behold whether in full bloom or not. Lady Banks are not too particular about soil types and once established will have low to moderate watering needs. If you dream of walking under beautiful blossoms, then by all means plant one near your home entrance and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.

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  • A species of flowering plant in the rose family
  • A profuse bloomer with fragrant flowers that are good for cutting
  • There is one planted in Tombstone, Arizona in 1885 that is said to be the world’s largest rose bush, covering up to 9,000 square feet of the roof of an inn!
  • Lady Banks can be used to bring an old-fashioned romantic look to any garden
  • A tough and disease-resistant plant ideal for planting from the desert to the coast


Rapid growth rate

Heat and drought tolerant

Prolific spring blooms of yellow and white

Very wide use of landscape applications