Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila)


Creeping Fig

Ficus pumila

The Creeping Fig is one of the few plants that can securely attach themselves to wood, masonry, or metal, so it’s an excellent choice to cover unsightly walls or fences. Native to China, Japan, and Australia, Ficus pumila is a self-clinging evergreen vine featuring small, leathery dark green heart-shaped leaves that mature into large, thick leaves. It’s a versatile plant often used to grace walls and entryways, and its rapid growth rate means that it can cover up an unsightly stucco wall or brick building with natural green foliage in no time at all!

If you’re looking for a plant that you can leave alone and let grow without too much maintenance required, the Creeping Fig is perfect. It’s suitable for growing in coastal communities, is cold and heat tolerant, and it can tolerate urban pollution too, so it’s also a great choice for the city. It has partial sun to full sun light needs and once established, has low to moderate water requirements. If you really love the attractive juvenile foliage (many do!), then you will want to cut it back occasionally to encourage new growth.

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  • Also known as Fig Ivy, Creeping Ficus, and Climbing Fig, Ficus repens
  • One of the best self-clinging vines – prized for it’s easy training over wire topiary forms
  • An easy low-cost solution for covering unsightly fences, patios, porches or walls
  • Can be used as a houseplant in a room with bright, indirect light
  • An excellent companion plant for a Windmill Palm
  • It’s a self-clinging vine so it does not need any wires or a trellis


Evergreen vine

Low maintenance

Cold and heat tolerant

Fast grower