Cat's Claw (Macfadyena unguis-cati)


Cat's Claw

Macfadyena unguis-cati

Cat’s Claw is an amazing fast growing vine perfect for covering unsightly block or stucco walls with beautiful, fragrant yellow blooms in late spring and attractive green foliage. Native to Mexico and the West Indies to Uruguay, Macfadyena unguis-cati climbs high and fast by hooked, forked tendrils, so we love to plant them on stone, wood or chain link fences for use as a natural-looking privacy screen or as a barrier. These are extremely durable and heat tolerant plants that love to grow in our local climate and can also be grown as a ground cover for erosion control on slopes!

Once established, Cat’s Claw is drought-resistant and will have low to moderate watering needs. They have a vigorous growth habit and can thrive where there is plenty of full sun exposure. The Cat Claw vine is tough enough to grow from the desert to the coast! We recommend feeding them with our Super Charged Moon Juice to maximize plant performance.

Come visit our huge Palm Paradise nursery today and prepare to be impressed by our huge selection of premium quality trees, shrubs, vines and other plants. If you’re looking for something natural and beautiful to cover up an unsightly fence or old shed, Cat’s Claw will do it! We grow ours using only our own stock of premium quality specimens. We are the only people that do this and can assure their quality.

  • Also known as Yellow Trumpet Vine, Cat’s Claw Creeper, Cat’s Claw Climber, Funnel Creeper
  • A very easy to care for plant
  • Forms a dense mass of foliage quickly
  • Gorgeous yellow blooms can be admired from afar
  • Great for covering up unsightly objects on your landscape, such as old and worn out structures
  • Prune freely to keep the plant at its desired size
  • A long-lived plant


Heat and drought tolerant

Beautiful yellow blooms in late spring

Very durable once established

Fast grower