Sticks on Fire (Euphorbia tirucalli)


Sticks on Fire

Euphorbia tirucalli

Sticks on Fire, or “Firesticks” is bound to get noticed for all the right reasons! Euphorbia tirucalli hails from Southern Africa, and is beloved for its amazing coral structure and natural color that turns into a bright fiery red in the winter creating a scene that you have to see to believe – looks like something you’d see underwater in a tropical coral reef. This is one of those plants where stress is actually a good thing! In fact, its ability to explode with vibrant colors during the stress of winter is one of its prized features. Once summertime rolls around, the “fiery sticks” return to a lighter green color. It maintains its orange and green color during most months, providing year-round interest and a colorful spectacle that is sure to be a welcome addition to any landscape. Great for Southern California coastal to inland and desert regions!

This is a very popular, easy to grow succulent with a moderate growth rate. Sticks on Fire is water-wise, drought tolerant and has low to moderate water requirements once established. This striking beauty thrives in full sun, so we like to plant them in an area that receives lots of full sun exposure and also where passersby can marvel at its amazing color and texture! People living near the coast will be happy to know that it is also salt tolerant. We love to plant them as a beautiful addition to beds, borders or in coastal or Mediterranean gardens. We can help create succulent seascapes that are sure to increase property value and curb appeal too!

You have got to come and see these amazing Sticks on Fire for yourself. Palm Paradise does what no one else does, we assure their quality. After all, we are the only ones that have been custom-growing our own plants and trees for over 20 years, from our premium quality specimens. Our growing process ensures the best-looking and healthiest plants you’ll ever see!
  • Also known as Firesticks
  • Amazing coral structure
  • Explodes with vibrant colors
  • Year-round interest
  • Salt tolerant
  • Water-wise


Large Arizona desert native shrub

Full sun