Squid Agave (Agave bracteosa)


Squid Agave

Agave bracteosa

Squid Agave is a collector’s favorite! It features arching, spineless pale green leaves that are not just good to look at, they’re also harmless, so they’re incredibly easy to maintain. They make an excellent choice for planting near walkways and entryways or growing in a pot, where they create a unique and striking silhouette no matter how you choose to grow them! Once these small, open growers mature, they will produce a spectacular sight – tall, creamy white flower spikes that adds to its wonderful character and sets the “wow” factor on high!

So why is it named after a marine cephalopod? One look at its long, thin wavy arms and you’ll see that Agave bracteosa certainly resembles the look of a squid! Unlike that sea creature, this drought tolerant plant requires only low to moderate water use once established. Squid Agave grows well in partial to full sun exposures, so we love to plant them in a dry land rock garden or combine them with short perennials or other cacti and succulents - creating a scene that everyone is sure to love. It really does perform excellently as a potted plant, where it rarely outgrows the pot, so feel free to place them on a balcony, patio or deck!

Native to northeastern Mexico, this slow growing succulent is a welcome addition to any Southwestern landscape, where it’s sure to add curb appeal and interest to any garden! Agave connoisseurs know that they can find the best quality succulents at Palm Paradise. We love to grow them, and ours are only grown from our premium quality specimens, so we can assure their quality. We have been growing premium quality specimens for over 20 years and would love for you to come visit us and take a look at our impressive inventory of succulents - they’re ready to bring great value to your home and life!

  • A collectors favorite
  • Arching, spineless pale green leaves
  • Excellent choice for planting near walkways and entryways
  • Great in pots


Full sun

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant

Easy to grow and establish