Ice Plant (Delosperma nubigenum )


Ice Plant

Delosperma nubigenum

Ice Plant forms a low mat of succulent, evergreen leaves, and in Southern California, we love to plant them as a fire-retardant ground cover, where their ability to resist ignition makes them an ideal addition to any landscape! There are huge benefits to firescaping, including its ability to increase property value and conserve water while beautifying your home – every homeowner wants that! Native to South Africa, Ice Plant was originally brought to California in the early 1900’s for stabilizing soil along railroad tracks, which is why you’ll often see it growing along railroad tracks today up and down the SoCal coastline. In your landscape, this amazingly hardy plant can also create a colorful scene, especially in bloom when the bright golden yellow flowers make an appearance and transform your yard into a colorful spectacle with fluttering butterflies!

We also love to install Ice Plant a number of other ways too! It can adapt to a wide range of landscapes – from tropical to green and arid. After all, as long as it gets full sun exposure, the interesting texture and form of this versatile plant makes it a great choice for use as an attractive ground cover, used for edging, or planted in a rock garden or wall. They have a fast growth rate and once established, is ultra-drought tolerant with low to moderate water requirements, so we love to plant them as a water-wise lawn alternative! If you’re looking for a low maintenance plant that can make your landscape pop with color and add curb appeal, consider Ice Plant!

Palm Paradise takes pride in growing this popular, blooming, low-growing plant from our premium quality specimens. We assure their quality and are the only people that does what we do! We also have a professional landscaping crew that can do all the work!

  • Forms a low mat of succulent, evergreen leaves
  • Suitable to prevent soil erosion
  • Fast growth rate
  • Ultra drought tolerant
  • Low maintenance


Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant

Ground cover used in tropical, green and arid landscapes

Full sun