Hercules Aloe (Aloe barberae)


Hercules Aloe

Aloe barberae

The Hercules Aloe, sometimes known as the “Dr. Seuss Tree”, is a hybrid aloe admired for its stately, sculptural pattern and the visual interest it brings into any landscape! From the central coastal region of Africa and South Africa, Aloe barberae is a slow to moderate growing tree that can become a large-sized succulent tree that you have to see to believe! You can’t help but take notice of the heavy, forking trunk and branches, as well as the stunning rose-colored tint of the leaves. From spring to fall, beautiful green-tipped salmon flowers sporadically appear, creating a scene that is good for the soul as well as your home’s property value!

This easy to grow tree is perfectly suited for the Southwestern climate. After all, Hercules Aloe is a drought tolerant species with low to moderate water requirements once established. It loves to grow in full sun exposure and loves the heat too, so we love to plant them in a landscape where it can soak up the sun in hot and dry rock gardens. We also love to plant them as a striking focal point in a garden, where its sculptural features gives it “hero” status in any landscape from the coast to the desert!

Very few succulents can attain the massive width or height of this grandiose species. Thing is, you might have to wait awhile for it to grow to its impressive size. Fortunately, we have been growing Hercules Aloe on our farms and nursery for over 20 years, from our own premium quality specimens. This means that you can find the bigger Hercules Aloe specimens you want, which can bring this Dr. Seuss-like visual art to life, right into your landscape! And, we sweeten the pot by assuring their quality – no else does what we do!

  • Also known as the "Dr. Seuss Tree"
  • Slow to Moderate growth rate
  • Leaves have a rose-colored tint
  • Large-sized succulent tree
  • Prized for its sculptural features


Full sun

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant

Easy to grow