Hearts and Flowers (Aptenia cordifolia)


Hearts and Flowers

Aptenia cordifolia

Hearts and Flowers is a colorful succulent and an amazing ground cover for use on any landscape! A native of South Africa, Aptenia cordifolia features heart-shaped, bright green leaves and produces small, bright apple red, daisy-like flowers from spring to fall. It adds a welcoming splash of tropical color in gardens and attracts butterflies too. A relative of ice plant, it can be used as a sprawling firewise plant, where its dense spreading mat can be a beneficial addition to landscapes in the wildfire-prone areas of Southern California. They are also a great choice for growing in decorative pots or in a hanging basket!

Hearts and Flowers are very tough and will flourish in a partially sunny spot or shaded area in your landscape. It has a fast growth rate and stays short, though it is big on color and texture! Heat and drought tolerant, it has low to moderate water requirements, so it is quite easy to care for. It has a wide range of landscape uses! We love to plant them as a bedding plant, where its trailing habit helps to fill in those spaces between other plants. We also love to plant them above a retaining wall, where the stems grow down the wall, covering up masonry eyesores and bringing natural beauty when in bloom with a burst of color. Although they can grow in nutrient-poor conditions, light fertilization with our Moon Valley fertilizers can be beneficial to its growth.

From ground covers to retaining walls and hanging baskets, this versatile succulent perennial is a great choice no matter how you choose to use them. If you want to find Hearts and Flowers that are healthy and vibrant, come visit Palm Paradise. After all, no one else does what we do, assuring you of their superior quality! We custom grow all of our plants, using only our premium quality specimens!

  • Colorful
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Can be used for firescaping
  • Fast growth rate
  • Versatile succulent perennial


Ground cover used in tropical, green and arid landscapes

Great in pots!

Bright green succulent type foliage with bright apple red flowers spring through fall

Keep moist in well drained garden soil