Elephant's Food (Portulacaria afra)


Elephant's Food

Portulacaria afra

Elephant’s Food, don’t let its odd name fool you, this is an attractive succulent with rubbery stems and tiny chubby leaves that people and elephants can’t resist! Originating from South Africa, Portulacaria afra is an irresistible succulent suitable for trimming as bonsai or topiary, trimming the top to make it spread as a low shrub or ground cover, or trimming the sides and letting it grow upright where it adds lots of character to landscapes! It can make your garden look great no matter how you choose to use it! If you want an easy to care for plant that is ideal for water-efficient landscaping, Elephant’s Food can help you conserve water and might save you money, all while adding curb appeal!

This succulent works very well in pots and containers too, where it can be used indoors or outdoors, beautifying entryways, patios, balconies or decks. We love the versatility of this plant. It’s able to grow well in both the summer sun and partial shade with low to moderate water requirements once established. It also loves to grow in the heat, so it’s a great choice for those living in the inland areas of Southern California and the desert, where it can soften the look of any landscape.

Grow an Elephant's Food succulent indoors or outdoors, you really can’t go wrong! Here’s something for your next trivia game with friends and family: in southern Africa it is commonly eaten, usually as one component of a salad or a soup!

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  • Suitable for trimming as bonsai or topiary
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Loves the heat
  • Easy to care for


Attractive succulent grows in sun or shade

Great in pots!

Suitable for trimming as bonsai or topiary

Trim upright or to spread and trail