Valentine Emu Bush (Eremophila maculata 'Valentine')


Valentine Emu Bush

Eremophila maculata 'Valentine'

The Valentine Emu Bush is just what you need to add vibrant color to any desert and water-wise landscape! Native to Australia, Eremophila maculata 'Valentine' can produce masses of bright red tubular flowers from late winter to early spring, and this wonderful show of color peaks just in time for Valentine’s Day! This very hardy, dense evergreen shrub is an essential part of any landscape, and is an especially welcome addition in the dead of winter, when the winter display can brighten up any area with some much needed colors. Besides its showy flower display, it also features deep green foliage that transforms into an attractive reddish-purple hue when the lower temperatures hit. We love to plant them as an ideal winter accent in dry landscapes and as a foundation plant against a wall, where they are sure to add curb appeal!

Homeowners and landscapers alike love how easy it is to grow and maintain a Valentine Emu Bush. This moderate to fast growing shrub has no problem growing in the heat or cold and loves to grow in full sun. Once established, this low maintenance plant can be drought tolerant and will have low to moderate watering needs. We recommend shearing them back after they’re done flowering, doing this can give you more winter color because they will only bloom on new growth.

Who says a drought tolerant landscape can’t have any color? Not us! We love to use this Valentine Emu Bush in a wide range of landscape applications, though it really shines when used for xeriscaping. Come visit our huge Palm Paradise nursery and hand pick what you need from our premium quality selection of superior plants and trees custom grown in our local climate! We assure their quality is the best you’ll find anywhere!

  • Also known as Spotted Emu Bush
  • A perfect shrub for arid landscapes
  • Attracts birds, hummingbirds and butterflies
  • Adds year round interest to any landscape


Medium sized evergreen shrub

Abundant lavender flowers in cycles late spring through fall

Full sun

Cold Hardy