Split-Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron selloum)


Split-Leaf Philodendron

Philodendron selloum

Here’s a great indoor and outdoor plant that’s been a longtime favorite for years – the Split-Leaf Philodendron! Native to South America, Philodendron selloum have huge glossy green leaves that resemble elephant ears and lend a tropical look into any environment, whether as houseplants or adorning landscapes! When grown outdoors, we love to plant them in an area with sun (and some midday shade during the hot afternoon days), such as beside a swimming pool or planting them in groupings, which can create a stunning silhouette against walls or glass windows! They’re really great for adding lush tropical effects anywhere! They’re so versatile that they can tolerate a good amount of shade too, so feel free to grow them in a nice pot and place it on a patio or bring it indoors and enjoy!

Split-Leaf Philodendron are large, shrub-size plants with a medium growth rate. Once established, they will have low to moderate watering needs and they’re easy to maintain and keep clean. We recommend using our Moon Valley fertilizers and potting soil for vibrant healthy-looking plants all year long!

The Split-Leaf Philodendron has many landscape uses, which explains why it’s such a popular plant. We love to plant them as a lush privacy screen, as a backdrop for smaller plants and they look amazing between taller palm trees! Why not make your own tropical paradise without having to leave your property!

We have been growing the finest Philodendron selloum for over 20 years, right here in our local climate. We are unique growers and take pride in growing from only our premium quality specimens, so we always have the best-looking, most vibrant and healthy trees and plants around!

  • Also known as Philodendron bipinnatifidum, Lacy Tree Philodendron
  • This the most widely grown Philodendron
  • Unlike most Philodendrons, they do not crawl or climb in a vine-like way
  • They feature sturdy, self-supporting trunks


Huge tropical leaves

Morning sun, shade, indoors

Great in pots!