Roses (Rosa)




Roses have been cultivated throughout the ages and thanks to their timeless beauty and pleasant fragrance, it’s easy to see why they have been romanticized for centuries! Palm Paradise carries thousands of container-grown roses that are delivered fresh from our farms, so you can find the best of the hundreds of varieties and thousands of cultivars of this beautiful showstopper right here! From climbing/trailing roses to Rose bushes, stunning hybrid tea roses and much more, we assure the quality of all them!

Waking up and smelling the roses in your home or garden is a sure-fire way to get your day started right! Their fragrance invokes images of beauty and their look can add special ambiance anywhere. They can be grown indoors and we also love to plant them outdoors as one of the most breathtaking hedges you can find! The versatility of Rosa adds to their appeal; their uses go far beyond ornamental use! For instance, rose hips are rich in vitamin C and rose water is an effective astringent that can reduce swelling of capillaries beneath the skin!

Roses can tolerate a wide range of conditions and our local climate is one of the best places to grow them! They will thrive in an area that gets plenty of full sun exposure and we recommend feeding them with our line of Moon Valley Nursery fertilizers for optimal results.

Come visit our huge Palm Paradise nursery and prepare to be amazed by our beautiful roses, from groundcover roses, to climbers, bushes, grandiflora, hybrid tea and many more!

  • A woody perennial and a member of the genus Rosa
  • Roses work well in a wide range of garden situations
  • One of the most popular flowers in the world!
  • Offer a vast array of medicinal uses
  • Used in perfumes, oils, and other cosmetic purposes
  • Rose petals are edible