Red-Tip Photinia (Photinia x fraseri)


Red-Tip Photinia

Photinia x fraseri

Red-Tip Photinia works well as a medium-sized evergreen shrub for privacy hedges or screens, so if you’re looking to block out unwanted views, you’ll love this fast-growing beauty! Photinia x fraseri is a showy, densely foliaged plant, with attractive new leaves that burst with bright burgundy colors in early spring, creating a striking contrast with the dark-green mature leaves and setting your landscape’s “wow” factor to high! We love to plant them down property lines and in side yards, where its dense growth habit makes it an ideal tall hedge that looks great sheared or natural! They work great as a low maintenance natural windbreak too!

We love to plant this shrub in an area that gets full sun exposure so the dramatic foliage colors of this moderate to fast grower can thrive in the sunlight! It’s very adaptable to a wide range of soils and requires low to moderate watering once established. Both homeowners and landscapers alike will appreciate how easy it is to care for. You can feed it with a good quality fertilizer, such as the Moon Valley Moon Dust fertilizer, before new growth begins for optimal growth response. Red-Tip Photinia offers many great design ideas which is one of the many reasons why it’s such a popular choice around Southern California. They look great with a variety of plants and trees, and we also love to plant them with companion plants such as Crape Myrtle and Rose bushes. Feel free to speak with one of our landscape design experts for landscape designs perfect for your property!

We have been growing premium quality Red-Tip Photinia for over 20 years, only grown from our premium quality specimens. We are proud of being the only people that grow these and assure their quality! No else does what we do!

  • Fast growing
  • Densely foliaged plant
  • Colorful
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Urban tolerant
  • Suitable for exposed sites such as parking lots and median strips in highways


Medium to large shrub use as hedge, character accent and in large containers as focal point

New leaves are red and very showy

Cold Hardy

Good for hedges, screens, foundation planting