Plumbago (Plumbago capensis)



Plumbago capensis

Native to South Africa, Plumbago is an evergreen shrub that can create a visual explosion of sky blue flower clusters in any landscape! We love to plant Plumbago capensis as a low hedge or as a ground cover, where their showy flowers in spring and fall can make your landscape look as if there’s a blue sky on the ground! They also look great when planted along fences and can be grown in pots or containers where they add a nice touch of beauty to patios, decks and balconies. Some people like to trim the plant to control their size and density, however, we love the way they look when they grow as a naturally rambling shrub!

Plumbago has a tropical look and loves to grow in an area that gets full sun or light shade exposures. It’s not very fussy about soil types and once established, will have low to moderate watering needs. Homeowners and landscapers alike love this plant because of how easy it is to maintain and because of its pest and disease resistance when grown outdoors. These are also an excellent shrub if you’re looking to attract birds and butterflies to your garden, as they are attracted to the dense plant growth!

Palm Paradise loves to plant these shrubs for a variety of landscape applications. Our professional landscape design consultation services and crew can help you transform your yard from scratch or revamp an existing landscape with our premium quality trees and plants, including Plumbago!

  • Also known as Plumbago auriculata, Cape Plumbago, Blue Plumbago, Cape Leadwort
  • Flowers bloom from spring to fall, though can bloom nearly all year in warm, frost-free locations
  • The flowers are often used in leis!
  • These are fast growing plants that can be used to attract butterflies and birds, so get out your camera and binoculars!
  • Fun fact: it’s a medicinal herb plant, where in some countries it is used to treat wounds, broken bones and headaches


Beautiful sky blue flowers spring and fall

Excellent background or transition plant

Open shade to part sun