Pink Muhly (Muhlenbergia capillaris)


Pink Muhly

Muhlenbergia capillaris

Have you ever done a double take thinking there was a clump of cotton candy growing from the ground up? Most likely it was Pink Muhly grass, a sweet-looking, strong plant featuring dark green foliage and airy plumes of feathery rosy red flowers that help to make this a popular perennial grass for any landscape! From the eastern U.S., Muhlenbergia capillaris can create textural drama, so we love to mass plant them in borders with shrubs and trees or in rock gardens. They’re a great ornamental grass for the coastal areas of Southern California, where their mass of puffy flowers blend in perfectly with their surroundings! Of course, they can be used to create a stunning, vibrant scene throughout the inland and desert landscapes of SoCal too!

Pink Muhly loves to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure and grow just fine in partial shade too. These are fast growing clumps and once established, have low to moderate watering needs. As an added bonus, they are noted for being tolerant of drought, heat and poor soils. We love to plant them with shrubs and trees, where they can also be used as an excellent ground cover! For a neat appearance, we recommend removing old foliage before new leaves emerge.

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  • Also known as Cotton Candy Grass
  • Perennial Ornamental grasses
  • Showy feathery rosy red flowers bloom in fall
  • Adapts to reflected heat, dry sites and poor soils
  • Waterwise
  • Low maintenance
  • Wonderful accent or in mass plantings


Very popular perennial grass suitable in many landscape style

Lovely soft purple misty looking blooms in fall

Lush green foliage with reddish tones on new growth