Oleander (Nerium oleander)



Nerium oleander

Oleander is an ornamental beauty! Widely cultivated in the Mediterranean, Nerium oleander can bloom fragrant flowers in late spring to fall with colors that range from white, crimson or pink. It also features narrow, semi-glossy dark green leaves that add to its year round interest. This evergreen shrub has been grown since ancient times and is a prominent feature in many of the Roman Wall paintings in Pompeii. Here in the Southwest, we love to plant them as a fast growing privacy hedge that also adds wonderful color to any landscape! In fact, this is a landscape icon in Southern California, where we often plant them as a care free screen, to define property lines and for blocking unwanted views. A great choice for adding color and beauty, no matter how you choose to use them!

Oleanders are very versatile and able to grow into a tall evergreen shrub in no time, so plant them around your home if you do not want to wait too long to make it a more private area. Many dwarf varieties exist, offering even more aesthetic uses around the home landscape. They can be just the right size for large patio planters, too. They love full sun exposure and have low to moderate water requirements once established. It is easy to see why they are so popular out here in the Southwest – they are heat, wind, air pollution, drought and salt tolerant once established, so they are an excellent choice for use in variety of conditions and landscapes, from inland to coastal regions.

At Palm Paradise, we custom-grow Nerium oleander from our premium quality specimens and have been doing so for over 20 years! Our growing process separates us from all other nurseries, as we are able to assure their quality – our trees and plants are healthier, more durable, better looking and bigger!

  • Low maintenance plant
  • An upright, rounded evergreen
  • Abundant, fragrant late spring to fall flowers
  • Wonderful for use as broders, screen or privacy hedge
  • Container plant suitable for sunny decks, patios and other locations


Tall evergreen shrub used for hedges, screens, large accents or focal points

Cold Hardy

Full sun

Very colorful blooms from spring through fall