Morea Iris (Dietes iridioides)


Morea Iris

Dietes iridioides

From East Africa, Morea Iris or African Iris is a tropical shrub that is simple to maintain and fits into nearly any garden! Dietes iridioides is a profuse bloomer so anyone can enjoy the exotic iris-like flowers with yellow and purple-blue markings that dot the landscape from spring through late fall! These blooms only last one day, however, they’re quickly replaced by more flowers! Homeowners in fire-prone Southern California areas can use this fire resistant plant as a part of any firescaping design. We love to plant them in courtyards, in entry gardens, or into larger foundation plantings, where the vertical, evergreen foliage helps to make it a fantastic accent! It’s a great plant for adding curb appeal into any front yard!

Morea Iris have a moderate growth rate and prefer partial to full sun exposures. It’s a super easy plant to care for with low to moderate watering needs once established. This is one of the best all-purpose plants, it is heat tolerant as well as drought tolerant, and is one of those kind of plants that you can just leave alone and it will still look good – you don’t need a green thumb for it to thrive! They look great anywhere, and with that said, we think they’re the perfect plant to grow beside water fountains or koi ponds or in any Asian/Zen garden! If you want to help encourage rebloom on the same stalk, we recommend cutting the spent blooms off of the spike.

  • Also known as African Iris, Cape Iris, Wild Iris
  • An evergreen perennial
  • Showy flowers
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Waterwise
  • Highly adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions
  • Looks great growing in terra-cotta pots
  • Perfect for growing around water, such as poolside, water fountains, ponds or streambeds
  • Good choice for a Fire Wise landscape


White iris-like flowers with purple spots grow on spikes

Tropical shrub with grassy foliage

Sturdy bloom spikes will re-bloom if spent blooms are removed