Mock Orange (Pittosporum tobira)


Mock Orange

Pittosporum tobira

Plant Mock Orange in any landscape and enjoy the attractive clusters of fragrant orange-blossom-scented white flowers in the spring! From Japan, Pittosporum tobira is a medium to large growing evergreen shrub with a growth habit that makes it an excellent choice for use as a dense privacy screen. We love to plant them around spas or side yards and also used as a foundation plant along walls, houses and fence lines. This is a beautiful low maintenance plant that can add a wonderful scent to any space, too!

Mock Orange has partial to full sun light needs and low to moderate water requirements once established. People love that it looks great kept natural or that it can be easily sheared for a neat and tidy appearance. We also love to plant them near walkways, patios or driveways, where their natural beauty and fragrance can be enjoyed by anyone! It’s cold hardy and very tolerant of seacoast conditions too, so it’s an excellent shrub for planting in the Southern California coastal communities. This truly is a versatile shrub with many landscape uses. Pittosporum tobira is touted for its privacy features and we also plant them in any landscape for use as borders, firescaping, and windbreaks.

Homeowners looking for one of the most versatile broadleaf shrubs available will find much to love about Mock Oranges. This is one of those valuable shrubs that can be used a number of ways and is matched by its beauty that can add value and curb appeal to any property. At Palm Paradise, no one else does what we do! We love to grow them just as much as we love to plant them. We have been growing these for over 20 years and only grown from our premium quality specimens. We assure their quality is the best you’ll find anywhere!

  • Also known as Australian laurel, Japanese pittosporum, and Japanese cheesewood
  • Evergreen shrub
  • Excellent for use as a dense privacy screen
  • Used throughout the world as an ornamental plant in landscaping
  • Features fragrant, orange blossom scented white flowers in spring
  • Low maintenance plant


Medium to large growing evergreen shrub

Shiny green leaves with fragrant white flowers in spring

Trim formally into hedge or grow into soft mounding shrub

Cold Hardy